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What's up guys! Firstly I want to say congratulations, you made the first step to changing your life for the best! 

My name is Louis and i'm a 23 year old from the UK. I have been into Ecommerce for around 7 years now.

1 week into dropshipping and I quit my 9-5 job and went full time.

So, how did I do that?

I had tons of experience in the Ecom game due to my 4 years of building physical brands, but never drop shipped at all! I finally took the step to set one up and I saw the most crazy results in my first week, after seeing this i knew - I am able to push this, scale this and go full time. 

So I quit my 9-5 job and put all my efforts into my own hustle, I couldn't be more happy that I TOOK THE RISK.

I was always skeptical of dropshipping as it seems too good to be true. All these guys professing they make these huge numbers and not having to touch a product. BUT. Facebook ads....That is all everyone talks about! I HATE the idea of putting money on the plate with no idea if I am going to make returns. So instead I took what I learnt from my time in the Ecom space and I translated that into my dropship store. That is why I am different, that is why i make sales with no ads and that is why this community is growing like crazy. My sales methods and branding methods are straight VALUE.

I have started a Youtube channel and personal Instagram to really push my content out there. I really want to provide value to people who want to get out of the 9-5 lifestyle themselves! 

For everyone who wants to follow my journey, please follow me here: 

Youtube :

Instagram : @loads