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Mentoring Explained

How it works?

Mentoring is via the app 'line' available on all app stores. Mentoring is 1 on 1 messenger based, step by step working with me to ensure you are working effectively and correctly. 

What tiers mean?

The higher the tier, the faster the reply and more attention, I will break down below the difference in attention.

Ruby (£55 a month)- 3 Check Ins a week - (Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday)

Emerald (£85 a month)- 5 Check Ins a week - (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday)

Diamond (£145 a month)- 7 Check Ins a week  - (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

What are 'Check Ins'?

Check Ins are the act of me conversing with you via the app and answering any questions you have left me, and instructing of your next steps. The best and most effective way of using the mentorship is to drop down as many questions as possible prior to the day of my replies, so if you are waiting for a reply on Tuesday, ask as many questions as you have so that when the reply comes, it is full of value. I will also be offering the next steps and ensuring you have action to take.

Can I Upgrade My Tier?

Yes, if you wish to upgrade, please email me with your original order number and the required tier you wish to upgrade to. 

How Do I Cancel?

If you wish to cancel you must log in to your account on my website, you are prompted to create this account when ordering initially for this exact reason. If you are unable to log in, please email me with your request, however understand that I am not on emails 24/7, so your request won't be received by me right away.

Plans For Next Steps?

Due to a ridiculous amount of demand, I have implemented the check ins, it ensures you know when you will be receiving a reply, giving you clarity, but also ensures I do not burn out by doing messages every day all day.

I mentor to be able to give back and see others win, but I must always ensure my main businesses and income isn't being affected by this, hence the changes made.

Going forward I am working on integrating more features into the mentorship, weekly Q&A videos, monthly giveaways and more..